Documentary Film: Life in the Dead Zone

Twenty-five years ago, the core of Nuclear Reactor #4 exploded at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26, 1986 in Soviet Ukraine. The horrific disaster was the worst in history causing fires, a nuclear meltdown, and sending out a radioactive cloud that blanketed Ukraine, Belarus, Scandinavia and Western Europe. The official Soviet death toll was 31 people; however the more truthful toll is over a million worldwide and well over 2.4 million Eastern Europeans are still suffering various health problems from exposure that is most probably linked to this disaster.

The daily horrors of Chornobyl are experienced firsthand by the few now elderly villagers who returned after the explosion to live in their contaminated irradiated homes surrounding the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Their testimonies are the heart of our documentary film project, Life in the Dead Zone, which we continue to create so that the world may never forget nor yet again repeat the horrible mistakes of Chornobyl.

Sadly, in light of the growing devastating radiation fallout the people of Japan are now experiencing after the earthquake and tsunami there, we feel our film project is needed more than ever.

Thanks to generous donations by YOU, our supporters, we have progressed far in our documentary project, and we are pleased to share our latest trailer on our website at and on YOUTUBE and Vimeo. We are also connected on Facebook and Twitter.

Contributions are still needed for our next film shoot this summer. Please take this moment to remember the Chornobyl tragedy by helping us return to the Zone to film the remarkable people who are still suffering from the radiation fall-out Chornobyl perpetrates to this day.

Please visit our updated website at: and make a contribution online or make out your checks to our non-profit sponsor organization:

AWAKENING/Art and Culture
Wheat Street Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 898, Apopka, FL 32704-0898

Please earmark the check as: CHORNOBYL FILM. All donors will be listed on our website and on the film credits.

Thank you in advance for your generous support in helping us reach a global audience and spreading awareness about the daunting lessons of Chornobyl and the intrepid women defiantly living in the shadow of the world’s worst nuclear power accident.

Diakuyu! Thank you!
Irene Zabytko
Producer, Co-Director, Writer
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