Karl Grossman Named Green Business Leader by Networking Magazine

Christine D. Giordano writes about deep digging environmental journalist Karl Grossman in Networking Magazine. She talks about his history from copy boy to international resource and the impact he has had on Long Island.

“During the interview with Networking®, Grossman sat in his home in Sag Harbor, surrounded by stacks of meticulous overstuffed paper files. He has a mine of information that often predates the Internet — spanning decades, from deep research he has done and special reports he has obtained from years of cultivating sources on the inside. Public advocates and warriors for the environment often get a bad rap for going off half cocked, but as Grossman cited information and discussed topics, he repeatedly fished out news clippings and government documents to back up his words until, what amassed, was a credible unstated creed: it is a journalist’s job to expose corruption in order to keep the public safe… and if corruption runs wild, the public needs to be warned.

‘What you do, when you do this kind of work, is you look for the horror story,” said Grossman. His horror stories have investigated toxic pesticides, the hazards of fueling space probes with nuclear energy, and cancer clusters created by nuclear power.'”

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