About the Author

Janette Sherman HeadshotJanette Sherman, M.D. specializes in internal medicine and toxicology with an emphasis on chemicals and nuclear radiation that cause illness, including cancer and birth defects. She graduated from Western Michigan University with majors in biology and chemistry and from the Wayne State University College of Medicine.

Prior to medical school, she worked for the Atomic Energy Commission (forerunner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) at the University of California in Berkeley, and for the U.S. Navy Radiation Defense Laboratory in San Francisco. Thus began her long-time involvement with the subject of nuclear radiation.

From 1976–1982 Dr. Sherman served on the advisory board for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Toxic Substances Control Act. She has been an advisor to the National Cancer Institute on breast cancer and to the EPA on pesticides. She is a resource person, advisor, and speaker for universities and health advocacy groups concerning cancer, birth defects, pesticides, toxic dumpsites, and nuclear radiation.

She was named Distinguished Alumna of Western Michigan University in 1989, was admitted to the Cosmos Club in Washington D.C. in 2001 based upon “meritorious original research in medicine and toxicology”, and awarded the Foremothers Award in 2006 by the National Research Center for Women and Families.

Throughout her career Dr. Sherman has served as a medical-legal expert witness for thousands of individuals harmed by exposure to toxic agents.  Her medical-legal files, including scientific research and background data are archived in the History section of the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD. Her 5000 workers’ compensation medical files are included, the largest collection in the United States. Case files are available to researchers in the fields of medicine, law, sociology, economics, etc.

While Dr. Sherman retired from treating patients in 1994, she continues to do research and publishes in the peer-reviewed literature as well as in the popular press. She is the author of Chemical Exposure and Disease—Diagnostic and Investigative Techniques, (out of print, but can be found online) and Life’s Delicate Balance—Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer, available from this website. She is the Contributing Editor of Chernobyl—Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature, by Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko, and Alexey V. Nesterenko. Originally published by the New York Academy of Sciences and Wyle-Blackwell in 2009, it is now available from Greko Printing: orders@grekoprinting.com.

Dr. Sherman’s principal aim in medicine has been to determine the cause of illnesses and prevent harm to our fellow humans and to the environment.