Chernobyl: A Million Casualties

EnviroVideo has expedited release of the program that is based on the book recently published by the NY Academy of Sciences concluding 985,000 people died as a result of the catastrophe. Karl Grossman interviewed Dr. Janette Sherman, its contributing editor. Taped a week before the nuclear disaster in Japan, it was to be aired with the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl next month. That’s been expedited because the consequences of the catastrophe provide a baseline for the Japan disaster.
Chernobyl: A Million Casualties

Chernobyl: A Million Casualties
Karl Grossman’s interview to be broadcast nationwide this Saturday, April 16.

A television program investigating what could be the baseline for how many people are killed from the radioactivity being discharged from the Fukushima nuclear plant complex will be broadcast nationwide on Free Speech TV this Saturday, April 16.

Chernobyl: A Million Casualties presents the findings of a book recently published by the New York Academy of Sciences which determines that based on medical data now available 985,000 people have died as a result of the radioactivity released worldwide by the accident­and more can be expected to die. Interviewed is Dr. Janette Sherman, a toxicologist and contributing editor of Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for the People and the Environment. The study was authored by Dr. Alexey Yablokov, Dr. Vassily Nesterenko and Dr. Alexey Nesterenko.

The interviewer is Professor Karl Grossman of the State University of New York/College at Old Westbury, a specialist in investigative reporting on nuclear technology. His books include: Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power.

Professor Grossman commented that with this week’s elevation of the Fukushima disaster to Level 7—the highest level for a nuclear power disaster—and with radioactivity from Fukushima being found all over the world, “what this study reveals about the Chernobyl disaster is critical.” Moreover, noted Grossman, with this week Tokyo Electric Power Co., the owner of Fukushima, saying that the radioactive discharges could ‘exceed’ those at Chernobyl, we could be looking at even more than a million people dying worldwide from Fukushima.”

The program was initially produced before the Fukushima disaster began so Professor Grossman added a commentary to it in which he states that the Chernobyl and now Fukushima disasters demonstrate that nuclear power is a “clear and present danger to life on earth” and “all nuclear plants should be shut down and no more built.”

April 26, 2011, marks the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster.

Chernobyl: A Million Casualties was produced by EnviroVideo ( and will be broadcast on Saturday at 6 a..m., 10 a.m. and 9 p.m, EDT, on Free Speech TV ( on 200 cable TV systems in 39 states and on the DISH Network (Channel 9415) and DIRECT TV (Channel 348). The 30 minute program was directed by Emmy Award-winner Steve Jambeck. Joan Flynn is the executive producer.

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